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  • MondayMon, Dec 05





    Italian Sausage Crumbles Caprese Frittatawith Sliced Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella

    • 31.2g Protein
    • 20.2g Fats
    • 5.9g Carbs
    • 330 Calories
    • 40.4g Protein
    • 26.5g Fats
    • 8.2g Carbs
    • 433 Calories


    Peruvian Roasted Chickenwith Aji Verde, Mixed Beans & Corn & Tomato Salad

    • 37.5g Protein
    • 19.8g Fats
    • 23.4g Carbs
    • 422 Calories
    • 44.1g Protein
    • 23.7g Fats
    • 28.3g Carbs
    • 503 Calories


    Maple Balsamic Roasted Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli

    • 30.2g Protein
    • 8.5g Fats
    • 26.5g Carbs
    • 304 Calories
    • 38.8g Protein
    • 10.0g Fats
    • 33.9g Carbs
    • 380 Calories
  • TuesdayTue, Dec 06





    Sliced Beef Tenderloin & Medium Poached Eggswith Spinach, Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato, Chimichurri

    • 40.9g Protein
    • 22.9g Fats
    • 8.9g Carbs
    • 405 Calories
    • 47.8g Protein
    • 24.6g Fats
    • 10.2g Carbs
    • 453 Calories


    Chicken Satay Skewerswith Choy Sum and Vegetable Stir Fried

    • 35.8g Protein
    • 27.5g Fats
    • 23.8g Carbs
    • 486 Calories
    • 45.2g Protein
    • 31.7g Fats
    • 26.8g Carbs
    • 573 Calories


    Balinese Marinated Barramundiwith Sayur Urab & Sambal Manis

    • 37.1g Protein
    • 18.5g Fats
    • 32.7g Carbs
    • 446 Calories
    • 45.0g Protein
    • 23.2g Fats
    • 40.8g Carbs
    • 552 Calories
  • WednesdayWed, Dec 07





    Smoked Halibut & Scrambled Eggwith Rocket & Herb Salad, Capers, Pickled Onion, Cherry Tomato and Spinach

    • 33.5g Protein
    • 16.9g Fats
    • 4.7g Carbs
    • 305 Calories
    • 42.4g Protein
    • 21.4g Fats
    • 5.7g Carbs
    • 385 Calories


    Coronation Chicken Saladwith Pickled Mango, Butter Lettuce

    • 33.8g Protein
    • 19.1g Fats
    • 19.0g Carbs
    • 383 Calories
    • 42.7g Protein
    • 25.1g Fats
    • 24.7g Carbs
    • 495 Calories


    Indian Style Lamb Meatballswith Vegetable Curry

    • 39.9g Protein
    • 12.4g Fats
    • 19.8g Carbs
    • 351 Calories
    • 44.3g Protein
    • 14.5g Fats
    • 23.0g Carbs
    • 400 Calories
  • ThursdayThur, Dec 08





    Smoked Bacon & Brie Omelettewith Roasted Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onion & Tarragon

    • 38.4g Protein
    • 26.9g Fats
    • 25.6g Carbs
    • 498 Calories
    • 43.2g Protein
    • 29.4g Fats
    • 33.1g Carbs
    • 570 Calories


    Ginger & Garlic Marinated Chicken Breastwith Shredded Cabbage, Red Peppers & Choy Sum

    • 43.2g Protein
    • 15.5g Fats
    • 26.6g Carbs
    • 419 Calories
    • 52.9g Protein
    • 20.2g Fats
    • 35.3g Carbs
    • 535 Calories


    Brazilian Fish Stewwith Sole Fish, Peppers, Coconut & Jalapeno

    • 34.7g Protein
    • 25.8g Fats
    • 19.3g Carbs
    • 448 Calories
    • 41.3g Protein
    • 31.0g Fats
    • 23.4g Carbs
    • 537 Calories
  • FridayFri, Dec 09





    Pibil Spiced Chicken Burrito & Scrambled Eggswith Pico de Gallo, Pickled Jalapeno & Queso Fresco

    • 32.9g Protein
    • 30.6g Fats
    • 10.2g Carbs
    • 448 Calories
    • 40.0g Protein
    • 36.9g Fats
    • 10.8g Carbs
    • 535 Calories


    Hanoi Prawn & Fish Cakeswith Vietnamese Cucumber Salad & Nuoc Cham

    • 36.1g Protein
    • 15.6g Fats
    • 21.3g Carbs
    • 370 Calories
    • 43.8g Protein
    • 19.0g Fats
    • 27.7g Carbs
    • 457 Calories


    Classic French Beef Bourguignonwith Pearl Onions & Roasted Root Vegetables

    • 34.0g Protein
    • 17.6g Fats
    • 26.8g Carbs
    • 402 Calories
    • 42.8g Protein
    • 22.6g Fats
    • 33.1g Carbs
    • 506 Calories

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Frequently asked questions

Where does the food come from?

At Nutrition Kitchen, we have our own production kitchen. This gives us full control on our meals, ranging from sourcing, preparation and cooking. Our meals are prepared in a state of the art kitchen by chefs trained professionally in technique and hygiene.

What kind of food do you offer?

As you can see by our menus we offer a wide range of cuisines from Western to Indian food. Our philosophy is that the key to sustaining a balanced macro nutrient diet is to keep it fun and exciting. Nobody wants to live off of chicken breast and steamed vegetables forever.


Our minimum order is 5 days consecutively Monday to Friday and we reserved the rights to apply delivery charges on all food delivery orders.

$40 delivery fee per day will be charged for orders in Discovery Bay. $100 delivery fee per day will be charged for orders in The Peak. Please not that we do NOT deliver to Outlying Islands (other than Discovery Bay) or Tsing Yi.

Delivery time is also subject to change with respect to the situation and traffic condition. Normal delivery hours are 6:00 am-10:00 am Monday to Friday.

When using our services to order food delivery, you are receiving the services of a self-employed (independent contractor) delivery driver/ runner.

No deliveries during public holidays.

Change and cancellation policy

If you are requesting to cancel or change your order that is being process, you must contact us before the weekly cut-off time (12pm Friday) or we will not accept any change or cancellations. Prior change and cancellations are at our discretion and a refund of the total price of any cancelled order will be transferred back to the PayPal account or credit card that was used to place the order. There will be $100 admin fee for any cancellations.

48 hours prior notice required for any changes, or else refund will not be applicable.

Please email us at info@nutritionkitchenhk.com or call us at 5192 1292.

Can I modify the dish to accommodate my allergies and food preferences?

We try our best accommodate food modification requests and whenever possible will arrange it for you. In the event we can’t remove a certain ingredient from a dish then you can double up on another meal that day. Please let us know if your request is based on an allergy or simply a preference.

Please be aware that certain ingredients are integral to the dish and we will be unable to remove them.

How do you calculate your macros?

Our macros are calculated using macro nutrients on raw ingredients in our customized macro calculator. Our macro data comes from nutritiondata.self.com

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