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Effortless Health: We deliver nutritious meals to your door, saving you time

Eliminate meal prep hassle and say goodbye to unhealthy take-away

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“This has revolutionised my week, providing a seamless and nutritious dining experience right at my doorstep”

“This has revolutionised my week, providing a seamless and nutritious dining experience right at my doorstep”

“The convenience of Nutrition Kitchen's customised meal plans has been a game-changer in my busy life.”

“I've discovered newfound freedom from meal planning, allowing me to prioritise my well-being without sacrificing time."

The big problem and 3 reasons why you should try us

Tired of the endless cycle of meal planning and cooking? Are you resorting to unhealthy delivery app options? Don't let your busy schedule ruin you health. We're here to help.


Say goodbye to meal planning, cooking stress and unhealthy take-away. Enjoy more free time and tasty, nutritious meals.

Health and Wellness

Nourish your body with nutrient-packed meals designed by our expert nutritionists to support your overall well-being.

Daily Delivery

Conquer your work week and enjoy fresh, time-saving meals delivered right to your door every morning.

We are dedicated partners in your journey to a healthier you. Our meal plans deliver real results, 

and save you value hours in your week to focus on the stuff that matters.


What you can achieve with Nutrition Kitchen

A Healthy Work Week: With hectic work schedules, we save you time while eating better

Stress-Free Eating: Achieve peace of
mind knowing your meals are taken care
of, reducing meal-related stress

More 'Me' Time: Reclaim hours from the usual cumbersome tasks of trying to eat healthy

Visible Results: Achieve your target weight and build lean muscle alongside your training.

Higher Energy: Sustained energy throughout the day.

Choose Your Meal Plan

Whether you're focused on weight loss, muscle gain, increased energy, or simply maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Nutrition Kitchen has you covered.

Low Carb Plan

(748 Reviews)

Best for losing weight:

Reduced Carbohydrates

High Protein and Healthy Fats

Lower Calorie Portion Sizes

Balanced Plan

(562 Reviews)

Best for building lean muscle:

Higher Carbohydrates

High Protein and Healthy Fats

Higher  Calorie Portion Sizes

Vegetarian Plan

(322 Reviews)

Best for vegetarians:

Plant Powered Protein

Moderate Carbs and Fats

Calorie Controlled

Flexitarian Plan

(242 Reviews)

Best for blend of veggie and meat:

High Protein Content

Moderdate fats and carbs

Higher  Calorie Portion Sizes

In a recent survey of our customers...

10-12 hrs

Customers save on average 10-12 hours per week by avoiding meal prepping tasks


99% of deliveries arrive on time, ensuring that customers can rely on their meals being there when they need them.


75% of customers reported a decrease in fast-food consumption after just one month


Over 4 million meals delivered (and counting...)

Convenience at Its Best

"I used to rely on takeout and unhealthy snacks. But with Nutrition Kitchen, I have nutritious meals delivered to my doorstep like clockwork. I can't imagine my life without."


Balanced and Easy

Nutrition Kitchen has made healthy living so easy! Their meals are not only delicious but also fit well into my dietary needs. The convenience of having my meals ready to go is a game-changer


Healthy Convenience 

The convenience of the plan has not only transformed the way I eat but has also significantly improved my overall health. I now have more time for myself and stress less during the work week about what to eat."


How it works

Choose your plan

Browse the wide range of menus and choose the plan that suits your goal. From there select your weekly meals.

We do the rest

We do the cooking and deliver you fresh, macro-perfect meals the following week. Just heat and eat!

Hassle free health

Enjoy healthier living throughout your working week without lifting a finger. Hassle free health achieved.


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There's something on the menu for everyone

At Nutrition Kitchen we refuse to compromise on flavour. We take loved dishes from global cuisines and expertly re-engineer them to align with well-balanced, goal-oriented nutritional values, ensuring every bite is a delicious step toward a healthier you

  • 4.6

    Lean Cheese Burger

    High Protein | Low Carb | Moderate Fats

  • 4.4

    Protein Packed Chicken Laksa

    High Protein | High Carb | Moderate Fats

  • 4.5

    Healthy Stir Fry Beef

    High Protein | Low Carb | Moderate Fats

  • 4.4

    Thai Style Fish Cakes

    High Protein | High Carb | Moderate Fats

  • 4.3

    Lean Stir Fry Mince Chicken

    High Protein | Low Carb | Moderate Fats

  • 4.6

    Thai Style Steamed Fish

    High Protein | High Carb | Moderate Fats

How We Compare

High Protein

Calorie Controlled

Quality Ingredients 

Balanced Macronutrients


Tuck into more customer reviews

  • "Fantastic quality and a good variety of meals. The regular low carb meals are very filling and helped to shed 3kgs so far in 3wks."

    Jonathan Williams, Customer Since 2021

  • "I am so happy with the food and service. Saves me time from shopping planning cooking and tracking my macros."

    Jessica Lam, Customer since 2020

  • "A lot of different tasty food, within my dietary choices and giving me my time back to do other things that calm me down. Game changer. Cost benefit is amazing! Totally worth it!"

    Marcela Branco, Customer since 2021

  • "Excellent variety of dishes every week which are well presented and taste great! We never grow tired of the meals and have been ordering from Nutrition Kitchen for around 3 years - compared to other meal delivery services they are the best"

    Mary Simpson, Customer Since 2019

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