7 of the best foods for your skin

7 of the best foods for your skin

 1)    Water

Alright, this isn’t actually a food but, in general terms, water is the basis of all health & fitness (there’s a reason you could live for 3 weeks without food and only 3 days without water). As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post dedicated to the topic of water and its benefits, hydrated skin wrinkles less and looks more radiant and healthy. By also flushing out impurities in the bloodstream, water improves circulation and blood flow, helping your skin truly glow.

2)    Fish

One particular way we can improve our diet is by eating more seafood. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish have numerous benefits, from lowering blood pressure to assisting in the development of a healthy brain in unborn children. They also have the desirable effect of offsetting inflammation. By doing this, they help prevent a dull appearance caused by skin cell damage, flaking and dryness. You’re also less likely to get recurring bouts of severe acne if you eat lots of Omega-3s. The best seafood for this includes Salmon, Anchovies, Trout, Swordfish, Herring, Halibut and Mackerel.



3)    Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of multiple nutrients that help your body remain healthy. For example, they contain lutein, which helps keep the skin hydrated and firm. They also have many natural oils that keep you looking radiant on top of the amino acids lysine and proline, and collagen as well. You’ll see collagen supplements all over the place promising many health benefits but, as is often the case, finding ways to help your body naturally take in collagen (or any other nutrient for that matter) is the best way to fight fine lines as they start to appear.

4)    Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a strong antioxidant used to protect the body from damaging UV rays. It is a pigment found naturally in the skin, and helps to neutralise harmful free radicals. There have even been scientific studies conducted which suggest participants who ate five tablespoons of tomato paste each day had 33% more protection against sunburn than a control group.



5)    Fruits and veg high in Vitamin C

Studies published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that those who eat foods high in Vitamin C over time have fewer age-induced wrinkles and dry skin than those that don’t. One of Vitamin C’s most powerful roles is producing collagen, a protein that gives your skin its elasticity. Collagen breaks down as you age and causes wrinkle formation. Eating Vitamin-C packed fruit and veg, such as Strawberries, Kiwi or Bell Peppers is a great way to keep your skin looking firm and youthful. Oh, and bonus points for Vitamin C – it also helps strengthen your immune system.

 6)    Spinach

Leafy greens are, in general, very good for your health and skin. Rich in Vitamin K, a nutrient important for blood circulation, Spinach is also loaded with Zinc, something which has been shown to help reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts of acne. Added to this, Spinach is packed with zeaxanthin, a carotene compound integral to promoting and hydrating skin cells to keep damage at bay. Finally, the water in leafy greens is able to penetrate cell membranes, making for plumper and less wrinkled skin.



7)    Nuts

Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts are significant sources of Vitamin E (which protects skin from oxidative cell damage) and Selenium (a powerful antioxidant). Studies have shown that a balanced mixture of the two helps to support the immune system and help protect against sun damage and age spots. Good news for those with dry skin! 

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