4 lunchtime habits of healthy people

4 lunchtime habits of healthy people

Does your lunchtime let you down? Does it descend into a draining ordeal? Do you enviously glance over at colleagues eating carefully prepared lunch boxes?

We’re going to show you how healthy people do lunch. The lunchtime secrets of the in shape, the athleisure wearers sauntering to XYZ and H-Kore.

Lunch Time Habits of the Healthy:

1. They plan ahead:

Lunch shouldn't take you by surprise. It is a fairly regular occurrence, so make sure you don't get caught out. If you're the type of person who doesn't really see value in having breakfast then this applies doubly so as you are more likely to get caught out by hunger and make poor decisions around lunch time.

This is important whether you have a work lunch or not. If you don’t have a lunch engagement then you still need to be prepared in order to avoid squandering your lunch hour at the back of the queue for Olivers or walking in the rain towards a miserable looking unpaid associate in a Plum t-shirt.

Planning ahead and having a clear idea about what you'll be having for lunch, where you'll be having lunch and who you'll be dining with will allow you to make the most of your lunch hour.

Pack your lunch either the night before or at breakfast. Or, if you’re simply too busy, order Nutrition Kitchen.

2. They set the agenda:

In the event of a business lunch, they take control of the venue.
Steer the meal to a venue that you know offers a selection of healthy/ diet compliant foods. This assertiveness will carry over to the choice of dish.
Order first, we’re all guilty of surrendering to peer pressure- it is much harder to make healthy choices if you’re the last order of 6 and everyone else has ordered the burger and chips.

3. They take a lunch break:

There are no bonus points for eating lunch at your desk.

You're subjecting yourself to more screen time, unchanging posture, artificial light, and a lack of social stimulation.

Take the lunch break and move away from your desk- break the daily routine and change the stimulus.

4. They go outside:

We live our lives under a blue-neon glare. Our days are bookended by the light of our mobile phones shining into our eager faces.

Exposure to daily sunlight is one of the single best health interventions that you can undertake. Regular sun exposure will lower blood pressure, improve sleep patterns, boost mood and increase vitamin D levels. 

Eating your lunch outside in the sun is an incredibly healthy habit to adopt. If you can follow up your meal with a 10 minutes walk you'll be stacking positive habits one on top of the other. Check out this interesting study.

5. They Eat with Friends

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